Many of you may not know but I had a gruesome fight with depression. One of the things that helped me overcome was daily declarations. Not only did I write and speak it, I also created a Organization called Route To Victory.

One of the ways I meet the mission of this non-profit is through facilitating and Uplifting members of this group. This group is not a church organization, Neither is Route To Victory.

It's a group where women can gather together and encourage, share a positive word, share experiences, offer to be their sister's keeper.

You see this is how I fought and won against depression.

There is so much in store for this group. Today I would like to give those ladies interested in joining me in a study. Not your usual study. But spend 365 days declaring victory over your life through joining the group and getting your copy of the Daily Dose of Declaration.

We will be not only reading but sharing our thoughts and views and tips will be shared on how to build, restore, and reach your goals from the inside out.

Enter your information below to order the book , email list for upcoming studies, and be lead to the UPLIFT Facebook Group.

Enjoy 365 Days of your Dose of Daily Declarations along with joining me live as we read and discuss inserts from the book in Uplift (Facebook Group). Purchase your copy of the book and Join Uplift by submitting your name and email. The link will take you straight to the Facebook group. Facebook requires double confirmation. I hope to see you in the group!

-Jackie M

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