Financial Accountability Partner

Financial Accountability Partner

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This is a one month service for people who are not ready for a major overhaul but would like to start their journey. It is also for people with beginning or intermediate financial knowledge.

For one month you will receive :

  1. A specific purpose, limited-time accountability partner

  2. a 90 minute session focused on one of the following topics

    a. Creating clear and measurable goals, help with a budget configuration, and brainstorming/vent session

    b. Creating a savings schedule, help with a budget configuration, brainstorming/vent session

    c. Motivational help, brainstorming/vent session, check and balance

  3. Each session comes with biweekly emails or texts follow-up from financial accountability partner on progress completing tasks and questions for the month of accountibility.

    4. Sessions maybe completed by phone, zoom, or skype

    Please note person will be contacted to schedule schedule an appointment after payment has been confirmed.

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