Side Hustle Planner

Side Hustle Planner

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In the planner you will find nine steps to Solve NINE problems:.

  • Problem 1: What Program, Course or Product Should I Sale

  • Problem 2 : How to Build Your Funnel

  • Problem 3: How to create a page Your can profit with

  • Problem 4: How to Beef up Conversations with my audience and create sales

  • Problem 5: How to analyze my posts and create call to action

  • Problem 6: How to create content to match your audience

  • Problem 7: How be Strategic with your Thank you Page for sales

  • Problem 8: How to create a Upsell

  • Problem 9: Convert your posts, blogs, video followers into profits for your hustle

If you want answers to these questions and more you want to purchase this planner. STOP DOING BUSYWORK. START MAKING MONEY!!!

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