Side Hustle Planner

Side Hustle Planner


In the planner you will find nine steps to earning Side Hustle income.

  • Step 1: Brainstorm a Digital Training Program or Small Course

    • Exercise: Brainstorm Your Training Product or Course

  • Step 2: Build Your Funnel with a Book

    • Exercise: Brainstorm Your Book & Funnel

  • Step 3: Create a Useful (and Profitable) Resources Page

    • Exercise: Create a Resource Page

  • Step 4: Beef Up Your Autoresponder

    • Exercise: Create Your Opt-In Incentive and Follow-Up Emails

  • Step 5: Build Up Your Blog

    • Exercise: Review Your Most Popular Posts & Create Calls to Action

  • Step 6: Better Blogging

    • Exercise: Create 5 – 7 Content Upgrades to Match Your Categories

  • Step 7: Create Strategic Thank You Pages

    • Exercise: Review Your Current Thank You/Download Pages for Opportunities

  • Step 8: Develop an Upsell Process

    • Exercise: Create a Logical Upsell Process

  • Step 9: Monetize Your Correspondence

    • Exercise: Create an Email Signature

    • Exercise: Create and Share a Document with Affiliate Links for Your Support Staff

    • Exercise: Create an Email Signature for Your Help Desk

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