Financial Freedom Coaching

Thank you in advance for ALL that you educate and assist me with as I graciously journey down this financial path. However I do believe there’s only one way to go and that is up. I look forward to this journey. Thank you so much for walking me through this. I appreciate it greatly.
— Chandra


Sometimes a clear picture of your finances can give you the motivation to act. These programs each teach you how to maximize your money and start your plan to financial freedom. After each session you will feel more confident in your ability to reach your financial goals.

 You can choose one of the 3-Month programs listed below. Each program includes the following:

  • Bi-Weekly Audio Coaching Calls (45 Minutes) - Total of 6 (2 Per Month)

    • Recorded Calls Sent Weekly via Email (via Zoom)

  • Bi-Weekly Homework (PDF/Word Doc Format) - Total of 6 Assignments (2 Per Month)

  • Price Point: $599 or $249 per month = $7 a day

  • Budgeting Unlocked

    • Has bad decisions left you with empty pockets, mountains of debt, and no cash flow in site? Budgeting:Unlocked, is a program that shares secrets of how the rich manage their money to achieve their goals. It answers the question - "What am I doing different ?". In this program you will learn how to create, maintain a budget, and still enjoy life. It creates a key to unlock element to allow you to gain a mastery understanding of money management. Unlock the door the stands in the way of you acquiring the lifestyle you have always dreamed.

  • Fix My Credit

    • Every time you turn on a tv or look online there is something or someone talking about credit. You may have been asking yourself - How will good credit improve my life? Maybe you have heard of Dave Ramsey but still don’t understand his six steps. Maybe they seem too complicated. What you need is someone to break down how you can fix your credit using realistic lifestyle situations of the working blue collar, the single parent, the one income family, or the family who is drowning in debt. You will learn tricks I used to free me of $84,000.00 of debt. You will learn how to increase your credit score. You will learn secrets people in this field don't want you to know about your credit. You will learn ways to re-establish credit. You will learn how this credit thing really works. And you will have the opportunity to ask questions concerning your personal credit history.

  • Goal Rush

    • Do you have responsibilities of juggling your family, your career, health, being a better you and feeling overwhelmed and burn out because it seems like their is not time or balance to get everything you want done done? What does the Word of God say about these areas? You will not only addresses the baggage of life we carry around with us, it will give you solutions in resolving these issues and finding peace and balance. You will learn techniques I personally use to deal with anxiety and stress. You will learn how to achieve your goals while taking care of you and your family’s needs. You will gain confidence in your decisions from your commitment to this change. You will learn how true manifestation happens and how to manifest things in your life.

THIS JUST BLESSED ME!!! It is confirmation that we are on the right track. We just made up in our minds that we wanted to get out of debt and do better with our savings. Since making the decision to start back in December, we have already eliminated so much debt. I know this is lengthy, but I am just so appreciative!! You are too kind to lend your expertise to us. We are not wealthy BY FAR, but we are Blessed. We make good money and that can be a curse sometimes. We SPEND IT, like we know it’s coming back. I hate that. So, we are committed to changing. This has really, really, HELPED!!!!
— Sheurika